How to Play 3 Card Poker

The game of Poker is the most famous type of card game in the world. Poker is popular because of the simplicity and understanding of the rules and methods used for playing Poker. There are many types of Poker variants in the world. The second most popular variant of poker after traditional poker is ‘three card poker’. Three-card poker is not difficult to under and has simple rules and every player tries to beat the dealer in three-card poker.

Hand Ranking in Three-Card Poker

  • Straight flush
  • Flush
  • 3 of a kind
  • One pair
  • Straight
  • High card

These are the hand ranking of the 3-card poker, the power of cards is according to the above-given sequence. As the straight flush is the highest-ranked card, and the high card is the lowest among all.


Each player now has to place their bets with the help of ante-bets, these are basically chips to place bets. Casinos have chips and to play at home you need to design some of your own. Remember, in casinos, there is always a lower on how much to bet, big casinos have higher stakes while small casinos have a low-level betting limit.

Plus bet

You can bet more according to the quality of your hand (cards) before the start of the game. This is called the ‘pair plus’.

Now the dealer will give three cards to each player, these cards are not disclosed to anyone except to the rules that player can see their own cards.

After seeing the quality of your cards you can decide whether you want to fold(quit) or you want to raise and play further. If the player who has folded his card does not have a pair plus bet then it is game over for them. The reason is they have no chance of winning, their ante-bets will be taken by the dealer.

After the above step, all the players are required to show their cards to determine the power and sequence of their cards. The player with the highest-ranked hand will get the highest stakes.

The stakes

As the plus pair better will have the highest level of winning; the amount which is given to the winners is also in the sequence. Since the high card is the one to lose the bet, the pair does not have any profit or lose.

The ratio of the winning is determined as:

  • Straight flush- 40:1
  • Three-of-a-kind- 30:1
  • Straight- 6:1
  • Flush- 3:1

The game of the three-card poke does not involve much loss as there is only one loser among playing six, and 4 players can win profitably. There is also a less popular rule set of three-card poker. As it is more complex than the given methods and rules in this blog, it is better to play traditional three-card poker with the simple rules given above.

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