Fun Strategies for Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most famous card games all around the world, the title may be different but the rules are almost the same. Some practices may differ from place to place according to how people like to play the game. Just go for it and beat the dealer to win big.

Double down every time

Doubling will help you to win significantly the chances of winning the game increase too, as you get the last card the luck will be in your favour if you are not having a totally wrecked lousy day. It is almost impossible to bust a hard 11 because of this you can maximize your chances of winning.

Go for hard 12 if the dealer is for 2,3

Number advantage should always be observed while playing blackjack. Play a higher card if the dealer’s upcard is 2,3 or 4 but do not go for 5 or more than five as your chances of winning will decrease gradually. Have the highest value possible at the end of the game ad bust the dealer easily as you predict by having good look at your cards are giving a higher number. Want try online blackjack? Check out Casinos Jungle, the #1 platform about online casino games.

Double down the value of 10 and 5

The wise choice of having 10 and 5 doubling it on the way till the game ends. You will have a strong hand at the end of the game because you will be always one step ahead of the dealer with these cards. The chances of winning will increase. Note, perform this trick only if the dealer’s upcard is 9 or less than 9 and more than 3.

Never split 5s and 10s

The worst choice you can make is to break down your 5s and 10s by splitting them, do it only if it is necessary. Always have good cards in hand of higher numbers or cards with the ability to make the higher numbers. The reason not to be confident about the strategy on 6 to 9s will be given soon in the blog.

Always split Aces and 8s

Aces and 8s are known to be unprofitable in blackjack just split them apart and make a higher card to increase the probability of winning. By splitting these cards you will have a strong hand against the dealer. By splitting 8s chances of getting a higher number increase if you do not have higher cards at the beginning of the game.

Hit 7-Ace combo if the dealer got more than 9 upcards

By hitting the 7-Ace combo you will get 18 numbers which are equivalent to the dealer’s number, and the chances of winning the game increase as the ace combo are not possible now. Still, the chances of winning the game 50-50 depending upon the remaining cards of the players and the dealer.

Manage your spend

Blackjack is an addictive game, know when to stop when you are winning, if you are not winning try one big game still losing than better try another day as luck is not on your side for the day.

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