No Limit Hold Em Rules

If you have never played this game before then you have missed all the fun of poker, Hold Em, and No Limit Hold Em the two different types of poker card games. The game is a little tough to understand and will be a little puzzling for people who do not play understand card games often. But do not worry as this blog will help you understand the rules of the game gradually without putting too much brain into it!

As the game is more popular in online mode, 2 to 9 players can play this game but mostly the game is set for 6 players, for simplicity and understanding of the basics we will discuss the rules of the game based on 6 players on board.

Poker Jargon

The player with the dealer button is considered as the ‘button’.

Two players on the left side of the button are considered the ‘big blind’ and ‘small blind’. These players are required to put a blind bet before any card is dealt. The big blinds have 2x stakes compared to the small blind.

The player next to the big blind is called ‘under-the-gun’, they are the first ones to decide whether to fold, call or raise the bet placed by the big blind. Now, all players must place the same bets as the big blind in the pot after the decision of the under-the-gun player.

The Flop

The flop is a set of three cards, now the first player to play next must be the left-hand side player from the dealer, they can be either BB or SB. if both, BB and SB pre-fold the cards then UTG can bet or check.

Now the game will begin anti-clockwise with the next player to the UTG will decide to raise or check the cards.

The Turn

Now, the turn will see the fourth card of the game. If the betting action follows all the procedures same for each player then the better wins the pot. For the next step in the game, if there is more than one winner then we can simply move to the ‘river’ next part of the game.

The River

Now, the last and the fifth card is dealt on the table, now everyone can check their cards as this will be the final step into the action. As of now, all cards of the players are shown on the table so a winner can be decided on the basis of the card sequence which is followed by the poker community.

The winner of the No Limit Hold Em is decided on the basis of the Hands, which is the sequence of the playing pair cards. There are three types of hands in No Limit Hold Em.

These are the basic rules of No Limit Hold Em, the game is much more complex to understand, only the card sequence for deciding the winner is complex to understand because hand rules.

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