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Videos of Texas Bird Species

Video Archives

Videos can be embedded in this site in a variety of ways. Ideally, most videos currently are saved to a Youtube account and can be embedded easily. Youtube videos are by far the best quality. Facebook videos look good on Facebook, but they cannot be extracted in HD. This site must pull them from Facebook in low-resolution and they cannot be improved. It is recommended that original videos be stored on Youtube. Photographers are encouraged to create their own account. See the tutorials page on creating your own Youtube channel and learn how to upload and edit your own videos. 

Video Index by Species

Over 1000 Texas bird videos have been indexed here along with date and county information. The following links go to web pages with embedded videos. This collection, which currently includes over 25 videographers and photographers, represents over two-thirds of the Texas avifauna from a variety of geographic regions. The phylogenetic order follows AOU's 57th supplement.

Videos of individual species are listed here in phylogenetic order. A single species may be represented several times across the eight bio-geographical regions of Texas. 

Bird videos of species so rare that they were "under review" by the Texas Bird Records Committee are isolated below in a separate category. This list below may include birds "pending" review.

Specific Video Collections

Micallef Video Library

Over 500 bird videos from several regions by Colette Micallef
Valero Video Library

Over 300 bird videos from the Lower 
Rio Grande Valley by Gus Valero
Warbler Woods Wildlife Cam

Several web cam videos by Susan Schaezler, Region 6, Guadalupe Co.

Videos of Accepted Texas Review Species

 Trumpeter Swan  Amazon Kingfisher
 American Black Duck  Greater Pewee
 Barrow's Goldeneye Pacific-slope Flycatcher
 Masked Duck  Nutting's Flycatcher
 Mangrove Cuckoo Variegated Flycatcher
 Amethyst-throated Hummingbird Rose-throated Becard
 Spotted Rail  Black-whiskered Vireo
 Common Crane  Brown Jay
 Collared Plover  White-throated Thrush
 Northern Jacana  Varied Thrush
 Black-tailed Godwit  Common Redpoll
 Bar-tailed Godwit  Gray-crowned Yellowthroat
 Ruff  Fan-tailed Warbler
 Red Phalarope  Rufous-capped Warbler
 Heerman's Gull Golden-crowned Warbler
 Great Black-backed Gull  Slate-throated Redstart
 Great Shearwater Red-legged Honeycreeper
 Leach's Storm-Petrel  Flame-colored Tanager
 Brown Booby  Crimson-collared Grosbeak
 Snowy Owl Blue Bunting

Videos listed here are saved in personal accounts and embedded with permission into the Texas Bird Images Archive.