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Ducks - Rails

Review Species (in bold) - Review species, in general, include birds that have occurred four or fewer times per year anywhere in Texas over a ten-year average. This list follows the 58th supplement to the AOU Checklist.

 Species  Region 1
 Region 2
 Region 3
 Region 4
 Region 5
 Region 6
 Region 7
 Region 8
 Black-bellied Whistling-Duck  Photo  Photo  Photo    Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Fulvous Whistling-Duck    Photo    Photo  Photo    Photo  Photo
 Snow Goose Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Ross's Goose Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Greater White-fronted Goose  Photo  Photo    Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Brant  Photo  Photo            Photo
 Cackling Goose  Photo  Photo    Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Canada Goose  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Trumpeter Swan  Photo  Photo  Photo          Photo
 Tundra Swan  Photo  Photo  Photo    Photo  Photo    
 Muscovy Duck              Photo  
 Wood Duck  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Garganey    Photo   Photo 
 Blue-winged Teal Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Cinnamon Teal Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Northern Shoveler Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Gadwall  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Eurasian Wigeon  Photo  Photo    Photo    Photo  Photo  
 American Wigeon  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Mallard  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 American Black Duck  Photo      
 Mottled Duck    Photo  Photo    Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 White-cheeked Pintail              Photo  
 Northern Pintail  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Green-winged Teal  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Canvasback  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Redhead  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Ring-necked Duck  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Greater Scaup  Photo  Photo    Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Lesser Scaup  Photo  Photo
 Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 King Eider                Photo
 Common Eider              Photo  
 Harlequin Duck              Photo  
 Surf Scoter  Photo  Photo    Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 White-winged Scoter    Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Black Scoter    Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Long-tailed Duck  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Bufflehead  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Common Goldeneye  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Barrow's Goldeneye
   Photo            Photo
 Hooded Merganser
 Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Common Merganser
 Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo    Photo
 Red-breasted Merganser  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Masked Duck    Photo      Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Ruddy Duck  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Plain Chachalaca              Photo  
 Northern Bobwhite Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Scaled Quail  Photo  Photo    Photo  Photo    Photo  
 Gambel's Quail        Photo        
 Montezuma Quail        Photo  Photo      
 Ring-necked Pheasant (I)  Photo              
 Greater Prairie-Chicken (RI)              Photo  Photo
 Lesser Prairie-Chicken  Photo              
 Wild Turkey  Photo  Photo    Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 American Flamingo       Photo Photo
 Least Grebe  Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Pied-billed Grebe Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Horned Grebe Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Red-necked Grebe  Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo  
 Eared Grebe Photo Photo  Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Western Grebe Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Clark's Grebe Photo Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
 Rock Pigeon (I) Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Red-billed Pigeon     Photo  Photo 
 White-crowned Pigeon        Photo
 Band-tailed Pigeon    Photo    
 Eurasian Collared-Dove (I) Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Passenger Pigeon (E)        
 Inca Dove Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Common Ground-Dove Photo Photo  Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Ruddy Ground-Dove    Photo Photo  Photo 
 Ruddy Quail-Dove       Photo 
 White-tipped Dove     Photo  Photo 
 White-winged Dove Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Mourning Dove Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Dark-billed Cuckoo       Photo 
 Yellow-billed Cuckoo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Mangrove Cuckoo       Photo Photo
 Black-billed Cuckoo Photo Photo  Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Greater Roadrunner Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo 
 Groove-billed Ani Photo Photo  Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Lesser Nighthawk    Photo Photo  Photo Photo
 Common Nighthawk Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Common Pauraque     Photo  Photo 
 Common Poorwill Photo Photo  Photo Photo Photo  
 Chuck-will's-widow  Photo   Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Eastern Whip-poor-will  Photo   Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Mexican Whip-poor-will    Photo    
 Black Swift    Photo    
 White-collared Swift       Photo Photo
 Chimney Swift  Photo Photo  Photo Photo Photo Photo
 White-throated Swift    Photo Photo   
 Mexican Violetear    Photo Photo Photo Photo 
 Green-breasted Mango       Photo 
 Broad-billed Hummingbird Photo Photo  Photo Photo  Photo Photo
 White-eared Hummingbird    Photo Photo   
 Berylline Hummingbird    Photo    
 Buff-bellied Hummingbird    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 V. -crowned Hummingbird    Photo   Photo 
 Blue-throated Hummingbird    Photo  Photo Photo 
 Rivoli's Hummingbird    Photo Photo Photo  
 Amethyst-thrtd Hummingbird    Video    
 Lucifer Hummingbird    Photo Photo  Photo 
 Ruby-throated Hummingbird Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Black-chinned Hummingbird Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Anna's Hummingbird   Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Costa's Hummingbird  Photo  Photo    
 Calliope Hummingbird Photo Photo  Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Broad-tailed Hummingbird Photo  Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Rufous Hummingbird Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Allen's Hummingbird Photo  Photo Photo Photo  Photo Photo
 Yellow Rail Photo Photo      Photo
 Black Rail  Photo      Photo
 Clapper Rail       Photo Photo
 King Rail  Photo Photo Photo  Photo Photo Photo
 Virginia Rail  Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Sora Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Paint-billed Crake      Photo  
 Spotted Rail      Photo  Photo
 Purple Gallinule  Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 Common Gallinule Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
 American Coot Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo